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Roast Beef

Thumann's choice beef is trimmed extremely lean and cooked to perfection.   The mouth watering oven roasted beef would easily claim a champion spot in the Deli Hall of Fame (if there was one).  A cousin the the famous roast beef is Thumann's Ripple Beef.  Trimmed perfectly and shaped so there are virtualy no ends or waste, Thumann's Ripple Beef is cooked with just a hint of garlic.  The new Itialian style beef, processed in it's own gravy, would be a perfect way to perk up any occasion.   Finally, Thumann's Pot Roast Brisket - just like mom use to make.  It's really ready to heat and serve and melt in your mouth.  Thumann's roast beef items are available in whole or half pieces to satisfy any need.


Item Numbers

Roast Beef Top Round 2608, 2610, 2618, 2620
Italian Style Roast Beef 2611, 2612
Ripple Roast Beef 2606, 2607
Capless Roast Beef Top Round 97% Fat Free 2605
Roast Beef Bottom Round 2604
Cajun Style Roast Beef 2603

Corn Beef & Pastrami
Thumann’s wants to reintroduce you to the deli classics: Corned Beef and Pastrami. Thumann’s Corned Beef is the absolute best around. Our prime cut, cooked Corned Beef comes in splits, bottom rounds, top rounds and easy slicing ripple. Thumann’s First Cut Cooked Corned Beef is lean and ready to be steamed and served or for more of a traditional flare try our regular Corned Beef Brisket. The Thumann’s Pastrami line uses a distinct blend of molasses and spices to create an unequalled flavor. Our Pastrami line includes bottom rounds, plates, ripples and the delicious first cuts.


Item Number

Cooked Corned Beef 1st Cut Brisket 2712
Cooked Corned Beef Bottom Round 2643, 2644
Cooked Corned Beef Top Round 2642
Ripple Corned Beef 2635
Pastrami, 1st Cut Brisket 2010
Ripple Pastrami 2645
Pastrami Bottom Round 2646, 2647