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Breakfast Meat & Sausage
There’s no better name to wake up in the morning to, then Thumann’s. Our 1lb. Bacon is always a favorite at the breakfast table. Thumann’s bacon is of the highest, leanest quality and doesn’t shrink in the pan. Our full line of mouth watering breakfast sausages are available in a variety of sizes as are Thumann’s sausage patties. Later in the day, get cooking with Thumann’s Bratwurst or our hot or sweet Sizzlers.


Item Numbers

Fully Cooked Sweet or Hot Italian Sausage (Natural Casing) 2874, 2876, 2878, 2879
Fully Cooked Pork Sausage Links 2812
Bratwurst - Fully Cooked (Natural Casing) 2870
Ring Kielbasa (Natural Casing) 4610