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The premier items in any deli case are the prestigious Thumann’s hams. Made from the finest grain-fed pork, Thumann’s uses only the finest muscle groups to process this delicious product. That means no excess fat and no tough muscles or fillers to contend with. Mr. Thumann’s secret cooking process allows the ham to be formed without the use of excess salt or sugar. Of course, there is never any MSG or artificial coloring used. Thumann’s hams are up to 98% fat free and come in a variety of boiled, smoked and coated flavors. Thumann’s hams are prefect for any holiday, party table or catering function.

Description Item Number
Short Cut Deluxe Ham 98% Fat Free 1010, 1011, 1012, 1014, 1015, 1016, 1017, 1020, 1021
Short Cut Deluxe Cooked Ham (Lower Sodium) 1054
Bone In Smoked Ham 1630, 1631
Short Cut Deluxe Black Forest Brand Cooked Ham 1047, 1048
Hot Ham 1028, 1031
Short Cut Deluxe Honey Cured Baked Ham 1052, 1053
Short Cut Deluxe Flat Smoked Ham (also boneless) 1043, 1050
Prosciuttini Ham 1029, 1045, 1051, 1260
Short Cut Deluxe Virginia Brand Ham 1025